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How Do You Send Your Plants?

All of our plants are sent using the reliable Australia Post Parcel Post service.  When we despatch your plants we shall send you an email confirming your plants have been sent and a tracking number which will allow you to follow the progress of your plants as they make their way to you. If you are worrying about where your plants are, simply go to the Australia Post website tracking page and enter the tracking number we send you to see where your delivery is.

We generally ship all plants every Monday so they don't spend a weekend sitting in a truck or a Post Office somewhere. Typically your plants will arrive within 2 to 4 days. We do not ship plants between November and February due to the higher temperatures causing stress to the plants during shipping.

For our Tasmanian customers we can ship plants from the Nursery Shop to you at any time of the year using Aramex (Formerly Fastway) couriers. Please contact us by email if you want us to send plants to you in Tasmania.

How Much Do You Charge For Postage?

Shopping on-line is a great experience and gives everyone access to the best deals and makes things that are not available locally accessible to everyone, no matter where in Australia you live. To make sure our customers can get the best deals but not be burdened with excess postage charges we implement a Flat Rate Postage charge of just $10.00. 

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