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Group 1 Clematis

Group 1 Clematis are also referred to as Group A or Type A and include the species alpina, armandii, cirrhosa, macropetala and montana.  You will find that the Group 1 Clematis tend to be larger plants with some growing to 10m, but that is not the reason they are classified as Group 1.  The reason they are in Group 1 is because they all bloom early.  Obviously you cannot have flowers without buds and their early flowering habit means they have to set their buds on the previous years growth.  With this knowledge it is simple to understand why Group 1 plants are not pruned during their dormancy as with most other Clematis as you would be removing the following years flower buds and your plant would never flower.

The general rule of thumb for pruning Group 1 Clematis is DON'T.  A small trim immediately after flowering is beneficial to tidy up the vine and force the plant into putting its energy into making new growth that will carry the buds for the formation of flowers in the following season.

Group 1 Clematis We Carry 

​Alpina ​Cirrhosa ​Montana
Clematis alpina Willy​ ​Clematis Balearica
Clematis Freckles
Clematis Landsdown Gem
Clematis Wisley Cream
​Clematis montana Marjorie
Clematis montana Snowflake
Clematis montana Tetrarose
Clematis montana Warwickshire Rose

Pruning Group 1 Clematis 

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