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Nursery Development

When the nursery was taken over in March 2020 after being left unattended for around 18 months it was in very poor condition. As we are only a small family business the challenge has been to refurbish the nursery while making it pay its own way. There is no point in working twice as hard in a business if it doesn't support you. You may as well just get a normal job without the stresses involved. What follows is a record of what has been done and the changes that have been made over time for those who are interested.

Poly Tunnel 5 Refurbishment - June 2020

Poly tunnel 5 is around 22m long and 10m wide and was unusable at takeover. The roof had blown out and it was filled with dead plants and masses of weeds. Getting this area operational was a priority as it would house the Clematis propagated later in the spring. Corona virus was in full swing, and a couple of months earlier we had run into a couple from NSW who were starting to travel around Tasmania in their caravan. Around April the Premier closed Tasmania's borders and told anyone from interstate who did not have a place to stay to get out. They moved their caravan onto the nursery and stayed with us for around 6 months while things settled down. Todd and Fiona were a massive help during this period and the work could not have been done without them.

Sorry looking tunnel with no roof
Front sheeting held on with rotten timbers

The timing was great as recovering the tunnel had to be done during the winter when the days may be chilly but they are very calm with minimal winds. A day was spent removing all the old covering which was held on with rotten pieces of timber and rusty nails as well as repairing the timber framing beneath. Another day to fit the aluminium extrusions that will hold the new covering firmly in place and on the third and forth days we fitted the new roof and side coverings. A white material was selected rather than the clear to help reduce the temperature inside during the summer months which can become quite high. Day five saw gravel placed around the perimeter to help hold down the plastic and tidy it all up a little and the posts and wire on the western side were removed. All that remained then was to move in some benches that I had fabricated previously and add some plants. Nice area to work in now.

Sides recovered
Tunnel covered and posts removed
Moving in benches and plants

Growing Clematis with Roses