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Which Pruning Group is my Clematis?

A common question asked of us is 'which pruning group does my Clematis belong to?'  

Clematis can be divided into three main groups based upon how they are pruned, and pruning them correctly will have an impact on the flowering of your plant in the following season. You could have older Clematis in your garden that may have been there when you purchased your property, you may have purchased a plant a long time ago and cannot remember its name or your friend may have given you an unnamed cutting from which your Clematis has grown.  So, how can you tell which pruning group it belongs to so you can get the best show possible from your plant next season?

The trick in identifying your probable pruning group lies in understanding your Clematis flowering habits.  Group two Clematis will generally flower early on the wood from the previous season whereas Group three Clematis will generally flower late on the new growth from the current season.  With this knowledge in hand, in late winter or very early spring have a close look at your Clematis vine paying special attention to the nodes or the points on the stem that produce the leaves.  Do you see buds as shown in the picture?  If you do you most probably have a Group two Clematis that will flower early from the buds that were set last season.  If you do not see buds you will most probably have a Group three Clematis that will flower later on the season from the new growth.

Knowing this you can now prune your Clematis appropriately as described in detail in our blog titled 'Pruning Clematis'

Happy gardening 

Planting Your Clematis