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Clematis Barbara Jackman

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Clematis 'Barbara Jackman' is a vigorous growing, deciduous variety that will quickly grow to around 2.5m. It will put on an impressive display of masses of 10cm to 15cm, blueish-mauve flowers with distinctive crimson bars in the centre of each tepal. A set of prominent ,creamy-yellow anthers contrast nicely with the blooms during the flowering season from late spring through early summer.

Height 2.5m
Pruning Group: PG. 2
Flowering Group: Early, large-flowered Clematis
Flower Colour: Blueish-mauve with crimson bar
Flower Size: 10.0 to 15.0cm
Flowering Period: Mid-spring to early-summer
Aspect: Full sun to partial shade
History: Hybridised by Jackman in the UK and released in 1947