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Clematis koreana Fragrans

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The flowers are bell-shaped, up to 5cm across and are a shiny, rich-purple with deep purple veins with cream staminodes. The fragrance is like lime or honeyed-sandalwood. Growing 2.0 to 2.5m in height this is an unusual and uncommon addition for any enthusiasts collection.


Height: 2.0 to 2.5m
Group: Atragene
Pruning Group: PG. 1
Flower Colour: Purple
Flower Size: ~5cm
Flowering Period: Spring to summer
Aspect: Full sun to partial shade
History Originating from Korea


Pruning will help keep your clematis vines healthy.  Pruning the dense tangle of stems opens the remaining shoots to air and light which encourages healthy growth and reduces the incidence of rot and disease.

Group 1 Clematis flower in spring on growth from the previous year. Prune your Group 1 clematis when they have finished blooming. This will allow the new stems more time to grow and set buds for next years display.

Group 1 clematis typically need very little pruning and how much you remove is dependant upon the varieties vigour.  The highly vigorous varieties  such as C. armandii can be cut back heavily whereas the slower growing varieties such as C. alpina and C.macropetala will need very little pruning.  C.montana can be reluctant to res-route after being cut-back so avoid cutting these back to the old wood.