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Clematis Perl d 'Azur

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Still as popular today as when it was released over 100 years ago it has always been a favourite with garden designers. The semi-nodding blooms first open a good mid-blue with a hint of rose-pink along the bar toward the stamens and as they mature, the flowers fade to a light, slightly pinkish-blue and lose their pink bar. They have four to six broad tepals with a textured surface and taper via crimped, somewhat wavy margins to blunt reflexed tips. The stamens have pale greenish-cream filaments and pale-yellow anthers. This lovely old cultivar only produces flowers at the top of its rather long stems, it is best therefore to grow it through another plant such as a climbing rose to disguise its bare legs, then it is fantastic.

Perl d Azur is best suited for planting in the garden.


Height: 2.6 to 4.0m
Group: Late, large-flowered
Pruning Group: PG. 3
Flower Colour: Mid-blue
Flower Size: 10.0 to 12.5cm
Flowering Period: Mid-summer to mid-autumn
Aspect: Full sun to partial shade
History Raised by Morel of France and introduced in 1885.


Pruning will help keep your clematis vines healthy.  Pruning the dense tangle of stems opens the remaining shoots to air and light which encourages healthy growth and reduces the incidence of rot and disease.

This variety belongs to Pruning Group 3 and will flower in summer on new growth from the current growing season. Pruning of group 3 Clematis is needed to prevent your plant ending up as a tangled mess of old and new growth and the blooms only appearing on some areas and not appearing in others. Prune your Group 3 clematis back to around 30cm above the ground or to a set of healthy, strong buds close to ground in early spring.