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Clematis Perl d 'Azur

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Still as popular today as when it was released over 100 years ago t has always been a favourite with garden designers. The semi-nodding blooms first open a good mid-blue with a hint of rose-pink along the bar toward the stamens and as they mature, the flowers fade to a light, slightly pinkish-blue and lose their pink bar. They have four to six broad tepals with a textured surface and taper via crimped, somewhat wavy margins to blunt reflexed tips. The stamens have pale greenish-cream filaments and pale-yellow anthers. This lovely old cultivar only produces flowers at the top of its rather long stems, it is best therefore to grow it through another plant such as a climbing rose to disguise its bare legs, then it is fantastic.

Perl d Azur grows to 2.6 to 4.0m and is best suited for planting in the garden.

Raised by Morel of France and introduced in 1885.

Height 2.6 to 4.0m
Pruning Group: PG. 3
Flowering Group: Late, large-flowered Clematis
Flower Colour: Mid-blue
Flower Size: 10.0 to 12.5cm
Flowering Period: Mid-summer to mid-autumn
Aspect: Full sun to partial shade
History: Raised by Morel of France and introduced in 1885.