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Clematis Belle of Woking

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A wonderful, older variety that has been bringing joy to gardeners since it was introduced by George Jackman & Sons of the UK in 1875. The rosette like double blooms can grow to 10-12.5cm and have many layers of broad tepals each tapering to a point. They open a silvery-mauve but quickly lose their mauve tint, turning instead into a beautiful silvery-grey. The stamens have white filaments and cream anthers. Flowering takes place late-spring to mid-summer and can be encouraged to bloom again in mid-autumn if pruned after the first flush.

Height 1.8 to 2.4m
Pruning Group: PG. 2
Flowering Group: Early, large-flowered Clematis
Flower Colour: Silvery-mauve
Flower Size: 10 to 12.5cm
Flowering Period: Late spring to mid summer & again late summer to early autumn
History: Bred by George Jackman & Son of the UK in 1875 and introduced in 1881